Ban Ki Moon’s Personal Messenger

I traveled from Austin to New York City to be a part of the hunger strike in front of the United Nations. I fell asleep on the plane and awoke to vivid nightmarish visions. I see myself amongst other young Iranians running for our lives down Vali Asr street. These sorts of images have now become a recurring theme in my dreams. They have a sense of urgency knotted in with fear and frustration. Yet, I some how manage to wake up with renewed hope and courage. “natarseen, natarseen, ma hame ba ham hasteem. | Do not fear, Do not Fear, For we are together.”

The skies were already sobbing in New York City when I arrived there. With every drop of rain that landed on my skin, I could hear the distant echo of a name, maybe someone’s lost brother, sister, or missing child. The rain began to pour as I approached hundreds of Iranians huddling together underneath green umbrellas. As he held a red rose, Noam Chomsky encouraged and supported the green protestors. Someone held an umbrella over his head. History was being made in the moment, and I knew I would remember it till the day I live. Every so often we would glance at the United Nations across the street, as if we anticipated any minute now Ban Ki Moon’s personal messenger would walk out of the door and into the rain to tell us that everything was going to be all right, reassure us that the perpetrators of human rights were not going to get away with their crimes, assure us a nullification of Ahmadinejad’s widely disputed victory, and to promise a new fair, and open election. But, no one ever came out of the U.N. doors, and the protestors remained vigilant.

Smiling children ran around passing out flowers, musicians sang of freedom and hope, and the sun finally came out. From rain to sun shine! Change is the only constant – nothing ever remains to be the same, and today we can sense it with all our senses that Iran is changing. We are changing, and Iran has changed. “Ghatre Ghatre, agar che aab shodeem, abr boodeem o aftab shodeem. | Drop by drop, though we became water, We were clouds and then became sunlight.