Santa Ana & Genghis Khan Attacked my Homes

I moved there in the Winter of 07. Coming from a sluggish beach town, I had entered an unfamiliar maze of speeding cars and fast walkers. Tehran blew my mind! The youth engage in flirtatious traffic jams, while hungry accordion players serenade from car to car for a few tomans. Walking the hectic streets with no destination, I became one of the many who stared aimlessly into running streams along the side pavement. The seasonal changes take turns coloring Vali Asr street with leaves, snow, flowers, and soot. I now know where the best haleem & ash-e reshte can be found, where all the books are, where the old gardens still exist, and where chain smokers sip on coffee all day long. Soon the sounds of traffic became familiar and calming, just as the crashing of waves once were. Since August of 2008, I spent every day at the studio in Tehran. I finished Behind The Seas on the 21st of December, and I flew back to the states a few days afterwards.

When I got back home, I hung out with my friend Pedro on the beach, looking at gigantic tropical cumulus clouds droop low off of the Bay. They were like ancient sailors who found their way to the T-heads , Padre Island, and Laguna Madre. I squashed sea weed with my feet, and clean salty air was once again of the essence! I had missed the waves.

Back in the shire, the aquifers are still wishing wells. It hasn’t been raining as much, but Spring time has taken the Hill Country into full bloom. Meanwhile, everyone is starting an indie rock band in their living rooms, and bed hair is very cool! I am getting ready for my first debut concert in San Francisco on April the 4th!

Photo by Morteza Nikoubazl