Get Ready for MICROTONE

It is with great excitement and anticipation that can reveal the first performance of MICROTONE of the new decade. Hosted by the Honar Foundation, Fared Shafinury, along with Rambod Dargahi and choreographer Miriam Peretz will be conjuring a symphony of magic and beauty, intertwining sound and movement to create a delight for the senses.

The performance will take place at The Gindi Auditorium on Saturday, January 11th 2020. Tickets are available here – 

Microtone 2

This multi-media event brings together the two ancient art forms of music and dance, the sounds and movements are succinct, interwoven like vines to create something of true awe and wonder. So intense are the performances, which draw their inspiration from the myriad sounds of nature be it birds, crickets et al, as well their foundation which is the rich and evocative tome of Persian poetry.

Instruments, consisting of the setar and the tombak, age old staples of classical Persian music, together with the majesty of the human voice, set the tone, from the gentle and subtle to the rousing and heart racing, Fared and Rambod whisk the audience away on a journey into microtonal music, which at its heart surpasses our initial senses and makes its way into the heart and soul.


Microtone as a concept was about blending four unique elements – nature, poetry, the miracles of the universe and the concept of time. In short, the whirling of “spiritual drunkenness” is the very essence of Microtone. Such a curious marriage of the divine, the natural world and man’s own creativity are what make the performance of Microtone so hauntingly beautiful.

A contemporary illustration of what those great men of 8th century, such as the philosopher Farabi, ruminated on. For it was Farabi who wrote manuscripts that taught and explained Persian maqams through the use of astrolabes. Specifically, the positioning of planets in their orbit would determine the microtonal scales.

The most wonderful and obvious natural phenomenon was the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth that inspired and informed the music of that era. These celestial orbits would also determine the correct time of day and night for the correct microtonal scale (mode/maqam/dastgah) to be performed.

Microtone is set to be one of the most vivid explorations of music and dance this coming year.

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