Fared Shafinury: Poetry & Passion

It was a brief conversation, but one that was rich in content and satisfactory for me, on a personal level, because I was able, finally, to get to know this man. A man whom I’d become intrigued by thanks to his music, which beautifully invokes very special thoughts and feelings.

I met Fared, an Iranian-American composer, vocalist, poet, Persian setarist and multi-instrumentalist, digitally via that most contemporary medium – Facebook – more or less immediately we had struck up a conversation, and soon enough had decided that an interview would definitely take place. With his tour coming in a few weeks, bringing him to the UK, France, Germany and then on to India, the plan was to meet in London. Sadly, the plan was scuppered, but we did secure some time on Skype.


Here is a man with an immense love of life, was my instant reaction, as although not sleeping until the early hours of the morning, he was brimming with a vibrant energy. Clearly enthused by this tour and the many cities he was visiting, on some occasions for the first time.

Fared’s personality, from what I could understand in the immediate, is made up of a prodigious passion for music, which he proudly explained is his full-time profession, a curiosity and excitement for life, and above all else, a foundation of deep creativity….continue reading

Article by Ben Mirzaei

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