Join Hunger Relief Night Live

As Covid 19 wraps itself ever tighter around the globe, like a serpent, the effects are being shown, not just on the health of millions, but the daily lives of some of the poorest people. With lockdowns in place across the world, economically, it is the poor who now suffering the most.

With the global economy now in a dramatic slump that has not been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, an ever-increasing risk of malnourishment and starvation is effecting many families both in Iran and some of the poorest areas of the United States.

To help raise awareness and raise some much needed money for these families, Persian multi-instrumentalist Fared Shafinury, along with Golden Globe winner Brian Cox, Persian-American comedian Maz Jobrani and a host of other talent will be taking part in the Hunger Relief Night Live event tonight.

Creatively utilising the latest technology, the event, which begins at 6pm PST / 9pm EST, will take place via livestreaming. You can still register for the event for free here


You can catch the livestream via Maz Jobrani’s YouTube channel and at Moms Against Poverty.

This is an urgent appeal, an appeal to help families who are in dire need of comfort and some hope that their futures will be safeguarded. Hunger Relief Night Live is a mix of music and comedy all in aid of a worthy cause.

Written by Ben Mirza 

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